Where to Stay in Roatan, Honduras

Famous for having some of the best diving in the world, Roatan has no shortage of luxurious hotels and beach resorts. Since many of the tourists on the island are here to dive into the Mesoamerican Reef, most hotels will include an on-site dive shop to make diving even more accessible to guests. If you’re planning a trip to Roatan, keep reading to find out where to stay in Roatan, Honduras. 

As of October 2021, I’ve been living on the island for almost nine months. Obviously, I live in an apartment, not a hotel. During my time on the island, I’ve been lucky enough to stay in quite a few of Roatan’s luxury accommodations and at least visit the ones I haven’t personally stayed in. The options presented below are attainable for any budget! No matter if you’re a bougie or budget traveler, this post should answer the question of where to stay in Roatan. 

Where to Stay in Roatan, Honduras

where to stay in roatan

West Bay Beach

West Bay Beach is known as the most luxurious area on the island. In addition to being the site of tons of exciting things to do in Roatan, it’s also where you’ll find the most luxurious all-inclusive hotels and extravagant beach resorts. This is where to stay in Roatan if all you want from your vacation is unlimited drinks and a white-sand beach!

GrandRoatan Caribbean Resort

During my second month on the island, I was lucky enough to collaborate with GrandRoatan Caribbean Resort and stay in one of their luxurious villas for three nights. GrandRoatan is known as one of the nicest resorts on the island for good reason. The property includes stunning views of West Bay Beach, a gigantic pool, an on-site restaurant and bar, a dive shop, some of the best snorkeling on the island, and, as of 2021, their new “Destination Spa” with a spa, gym, and indoor and outdoor pools. 

Like all resorts on the island, GrandRoatan faced hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic and the island-wide lockdowns. However, they emerged from the other side with 100% of their workforce still employed. Most of their workforce is made up of Roatan locals and the resort frequently gives back to the island through charitable projects like supporting the St. Helene Women’s Initiative and working to improve local schools. 

where to stay in roatan

Infinity Bay Resort

Although I’ve never stayed at Infinity Bay personally, every Sunday we used to take the water taxi from West End and spend 5+ hours at Infinity drinking local beers and dancing to the best musician on the island, Muddy. Unfortunately, since I’ve moved back to Roatan I’ve had to decrease the partying in favor of finishing actual work…but I still enjoy a good Sunday at Infinity Bay. 

The resort itself offers all-inclusive packages, has one of the largest pools on the island, and is located on the beautiful, white-sands of West Bay Beach. It’s the perfect place if your Roatan priorities are a party, eating, and sunbathing…in that order.


Mayan Princess Beach & Dive Resort

Mayan Princess is a family-friendly, all-inclusive resort with four different restaurants and four different bars. The resort is located directly on West Bay Beach and offers beautiful ocean views. The Beach Club San Simone is one of the most popular spots on the island for a boozy brunch. $30 (plus tax and tip) will get you bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys, an appetizer, and a brunch entree!


The Meridian at Lighthouse Point

The Meridian was where I lived for the first month I stayed on the island! The resort includes both hotel rooms and condos and both are filled with luxurious amenities and elegant decor. Their on-site restaurant, Kismet, is a popular spot to watch the sunset since the resort is located on the westernmost tip of the island!

The only downside to the Meridian is the somewhat inconvenient location. If you plan on booking a stay here, I would recommend having an on-call taxi driver or renting a car for the duration of your stay. 

where to stay in roatan

West End

West End is my favorite part of the island and is where I’ve called home for the last nine months! This is where to stay in Roatan to find the best bars, restaurants, and nightlife on the island as well as some of the only shopping. Stay in West End if your priorities are partying, trying local restaurants, scuba diving, and mixing with locals. 

West End itself is located along a stretch of beach, but for a real beach day, I would recommend taking the water taxi over to West Bay. For detailed information regarding transportation on the island, click here.

Brisas del Mar

Brisas del Mar, “Brisas” for short, is an up-and-coming nightlife hotspot in West End. During the day, the hotel pool and restaurant, Tequila Jacks, is a relaxing spot to hang out with a book and a couple of Salva Vidas. But depending on the night, you might find yourself in the middle of a techno party! 

The rooms are beautifully decorated and equipped with mind-blowing A/C and gorgeous ocean views. In my opinion, Tequila Jacks has some of the best bar food on Roatan!


Luna Beach Resort

Luna Beach is a brand new resort located a short, 10-minute beach walk from the rest of West End. They have an adorable on-site cafe and restaurant, Luna Bean, as well as a swimming pool, bar, and a long stretch of beachfront. 

As of October 2021, Luna Beach hotel rooms are not yet finished or available for booking. Hopefully, the resort will be completed in the next couple of months!


PMA Properties Airbnb

PMA Properties in Half Moon Bay offers some of my favorite Airbnbs on the island! They’re immaculately clean and spacious and your Airbnb host, Missy, is incredibly attentive and available for anything you could possibly need. 

Additionally, the location is fantastic! You’ll only be a 2-10 minute walk from the best bars and restaurants in West End.


Artsy 1-Bedroom Airbnb

Another one of my favorite Airbnbs in West End, this 1-bedroom apartment is located smack-dab in the middle of West End, across the street from my favorite bar and one of my favorite restaurants. You’ll be located steps from the supermarket, with the beach directly across the street! 

Michelle is a wonderful host and will make sure all your needs are accounted for during your stay.


Sandy Bay

Depending on where you’re staying in Sandy Bay, you might consider getting a rental car. Although it’s only a 5-10 minute drive from the middle of West End, the stretch isn’t walkable. Thankfully, taxis are abundant on the road from Sandy Bay to West End. You should be able to flag one within minutes of walking out on the main stretch! Click here to make sure you’re not getting overcharged by taxi drivers.

Stay in Sandy Bay if you want to snorkel, scuba dive, and relax for a lower price than you’d find in West Bay.


Tranquilseas Eco-Lodge

In September, I was lucky enough to collaborate with Tranquilseas Eco-Lodge for a wonderful, 3-night stay at one of their eco-friendly cottages in Sandy Bay. In addition to beautiful ocean views, Tranquilseas offers an on-site dive center, a delicious restaurant, a swimming pool, massages, yoga, and stand-up paddleboards and kayaks. Their restaurant, The Sunken Fish, is known as one of the best places to watch the Roatan island sunset. 

If you mention Madison’s Footsteps when booking your stay with Tranquilseas, you’ll receive…

  • A free welcome drink
  • Free use of stand-up paddleboards and kayaks
  • $10 off massages with ocean views
where to stay in roatan


Anthony’s Key Resort

This Roatan hotel is one of the oldest on the entire island!  Anthony’s Key Resort (AKR to the locals) was on the island years ago, back when Roatan was barely developed. AKR offers over-water bungalows and is the place to go swimming or snorkel with dolphins! 

I’m always conflicted about tourist activities that involve getting up close and personal with wild animals. However, I’ve personally met the dolphin trainers at AKR and know the love and respect they have for the dolphins in their care. 


Roatan Backpacker’s Hostel

For those budget-friendly travelers or solo travelers looking to make friends, Roatan Backpacker’s Hostel is where to stay in Roatan. The hostel is very cute with an outdoor pool and an on-site restaurant, Mel’s Diner. Mel’s also offers island cooking classes which are a really fun way to immerse yourself in the local culture! Click here to view the Honduran chicken and coconut milk we learned how to make with Miss Betty.


Camp Bay

Camp Bay is located on the easternmost tip of the island and is a 2-2.5 hour drive from West End. The East side of the island is known for being slightly more affordable and a lot more relaxing than the Westside. The waves are much larger on the East side than the sparkling still waters of West Bay and West End. This is definitely where to stay in Roatan to learn how to kitesurf!


Camp Bay Lodge

If you have the time, I highly recommend staying a night or two on the East side of the island. However, I would not recommend staying there for the duration of your trip. 

If you do have a couple of days to spare, book your stay at Camp Bay Lodge and enjoy some R&R. There are only a couple of restaurants in the vicinity, but the food at Camp Bay Lodge’s restaurant was some of the best I’ve had on the island. Picture coconut-based spicy seafood soup filled to the brim with shrimp, conch, and lobster tails. 

I hope this post about where to stay in Roatan was helpful for planning your next Bay Islands vacation! While in Roatan, you may as well add neighboring Utila to your travel bucket list for some cheap diving and a change of scenery.

Written by Madison Krigbaum

Madison is a solo travel blogger and social media micro-influencer based in Roatán, Honduras. She fell in love with solo travel during her 2017 semester abroad in Rome, Italy. After graduation in 2018, she moved to Florence to pursue her love of travel even further. After the pandemic, she packed her bags and moved to the Caribbean where she’ll be living the island life until moving to Bali, Indonesia in March of 2022. Her favorite things include rooftop bars, handwritten menus, and both starting and ending the day with a strong, Italian espresso.

Blog: madisonsfootsteps.com

Instagram: @madisonsfootsteps

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