What to Wear to Universal Studios Florida

Planning a trip to a theme park is an adventure in itself. You have to decide which rides to go on first, what delicious treats to try, and what to wear each day while there. What you wear to the park can have a significant impact on your comfort level throughout the day. Visiting a theme park can involve long lines, extensive walking, and hot temperatures. In this post, I will share what to wear to Universal Studios Florida to ensure that you stay comfortable all day long. Additionally, I will provide you with tips on what to pack to make your day even more enjoyable.

I love theme parks especially Universal because I like to immerse myself in the different themed lands. So, whether you want to embrace your inner wizard for Harry Potter World, wear your superhero gear for Marvel Land, or are simply looking for the most comfortable attire for any theme park, I got you covered!

Universal Studios in Florida consists of three parks, Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay. Volcano Bay is Universal’s waterpark. When purchasing your tickets you can purchase park-to-park tickets, meaning that you can enter all three parks on the same day. I do recommend the park-to-park pass because with this pass you will be able to ride the Hogwarts Express Train from one park to the other. This is a great experience and I highly recommend it.

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I don’t recommend hopping from one of the main parks to the waterpark on the same day only because you have to shuttle from the parking area to Volcano Bay and I prefer to take one day and do the waterpark and then do the other two parks back and forth for the rest of my time. Of course, this is just my preference. 

Photo of girl wearing a Gryffindor themed outfit standing in front of Hogwarts castle at Universal Studios Florida.

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Consider the Weather

The first thing to consider when packing for Universal Studios Florida is the weather. Florida is HOT, especially in the summer. Temperatures can reach into the high 90s and be extremely humid. In addition to the heat, you can expect at least a small rainstorm most afternoons, if not a full-on storm.

In the winter the weather can still be quite warm during the day if the sun is out, but you can expect it to be cooler in the morning and evenings. 

Orlando is beautiful any time of the year, just be sure to check the weather before your trip. I check the average temperatures when I’m planning my outfits, then check about a week before my trip, and then again right before I start packing. I check the weather this often mostly to see if any storms pop up.


What to Wear to Universal Studios

So now let’s talk about what to wear to Universal. As I said Florida is hot, humid, and rains most afternoons at least for a bit. So here are some of the things I wore to the park to stay comfortable throughout the day. I did wear themed outfits for a couple of the days for fun and I loved it!


Comfortable Shoes

Arguably the most important thing you will wear is a comfortable pair of shoes. The shoes you pick will make or break your experience at the park. You will be standing in long lines and walking across a park or two. You will want to make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

My favorite shoes ever, not just for travel, are Vessi’s. These shoes are comfortable, lightweight, and waterproof. They have tons of different styles and colors. I wore the cityscapes every day at the park and had no issues with my feet hurting at all. They came in handy during the Florida rainstorms as well. My feet stayed dry even when walking through puddles.

Interested in Vessi shoes?  Check out my full review here.

Another great option for shoes to wear is Tevas. If you plan on riding water rides or heading to Volcano Bay, these are the shoes I would pick. While the Vessis are waterproof, your socks will most likely get wet on the water rides which in return will make your feet and the insides of your shoes wet, so Tevas will be a better option. 

Vessi shoes-are they worth the hype?

Lightweight Clothing

The best kind of clothes to wear to Universal is lightweight clothing with the option of layers. One of the best parts of Universal Studios Orlando is that while you may have to wait in long lines, a lot of the lines and waiting are done indoors with air conditioning or fans so you may need a light jacket while inside. It also may be chilly while eating or inside the shops.

When choosing your outfits keep in mind the park policy. While you can “dress up” there are restrictions such as no masks and follow safety guidelines. You can read the costume policy here. Here are some of the things I wore while visiting, including my themed outfits!

Workout Skirt and Tank Top

This was my favorite outfit I wore on the trip. I am a huge Harry Potter fan so I was excited about this outfit. The skirt has shorts underneath so that made me even more comfortable. If you want to wear Harry Potter-themed clothes I highly suggest you get the accessories beforehand. You can buy Harry Potter gear at the park to wear but it is really expensive. I ended up wearing a Gryffindor-colored outfit and tie. 


Workout Dress

This was super comfortable and since it has shorts underneath I wasn’t worried about the rides or wind blowing up the dress.

Tank Top and Jean Shorts

I wore jean shorts one day and was worried that I would be uncomfortable or chafe with the heat but I was surprisingly comfortable. 

Themed Shirts

Here are some cute themed shirts I have on my list for my next Universal trip!

What to Pack for Universal Studios


When choosing your park bag keep in mind the bag policies. You can read the full policy here. 

Some rides don’t allow any bags or personal items. In this case, they do provide small lockers free of charge that can be used during the ride. The “free” time is calculated using the ride’s current wait time and the length of the ride. After that time, it’s $3 for every half hour so don’t think you can leave your bag in the locker all day for no charge. If your bag is too large for the free lockers you can purchase a bigger locker for your bag. 

The free lockers are 5.5 in height, 14 in width, and 16.9 in depth. These will easily hold a small bag, phones, wand, and a water bottle or an EMPTY reusable cup (they don’t fit standing up).

The bigger paid lockers are 13 in height, 12 in width, and 16.9 in depth and cost $2 for the ride wait time plus ride time.

I used a fanny pack and it fit everything I needed for the day. I was able to use the free lockers when needed and didn’t have to pay for a locker at any point during my trip.

If you need a bigger bag here are some great options.


As I said Florida has almost daily rainstorms in the afternoons. I brought my packable raincoat in my bag and it was perfect for the rain. It packs into a small bag and easily fit into my fanny pack.


One of the most important things to remember to pack is sunscreen. You should be wearing sunscreen every day, especially in the Florida sun. This Skin Proud Sunscreen serum is one of my favorites, specifically for my face. I normally use a spray on my body since it’s easier to apply and reapply every few hours. 

Portable Charger

This is a must. Taking photos, checking ride wait times, and killing time waiting in line by scrolling your phone is bound to die while at the park. You’ll want to make sure you have a charger and cord handy. Anker is my favorite brand for all my charging needs. This one cord has three different ends so you can charge different types of devices with this one cord.


This is optional but came in handy while sweating in line for hours. This foldable fan is a portable charger as well. Although the charger ends up killing the battery pretty quickly so I would only use it for the fan.

Chafing Stick

I purchased this Body Glide Stick thinking I would need it to prevent thigh chafing but it was more useful for my foot. I had a small cut on the back of my foot right where my shoe was and it irritated it but this stuff helped not tear it up so much.

Motion Sickness Medicine

If you are anything like me then you need to make sure you have Dramamine. I get motion sick very easily so I always take Dramamine before heading to the park. Depending on the amount of rides we go on I sometimes have to take more around lunchtime. I use the less drowsy one because if I need to take more than one throughout the day the original formula makes me sleepy.

Motion Sickness Bands

In addition to taking Dramamine, I also wear motion sickness bands. If I start to feel motion sick then I will feel this way all day so I try everything I can to combat it.

Ginger Candies

These ginger candies are great for when my Dramamine is wearing off or one of the rides is too rough, which by the way happens if you ride in the rain, which makes me feel. Ginger is great for nausea and they taste delicious.


I didn’t bring sunglasses with me because I didn’t have a case for them and was afraid that I would crush them in my bag. I deeply regretted that decision. The sun is super bright in Florida and you should be protecting your eyes. 

Reusable Water Bottle

This is the best reusable water bottle for a theme park that I have found. It folds up small making it perfect for a small bag. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day while in the heat. You can also bring Liquid I.V., a hydration multiplier, to keep yourself hydrated a little easier. Bringing a reusable water bottle also saves you money since you won’t have to purchase bottled water or other drinks. You can get free water cups at any of the places that serve beverages or refill your bottle at one of the many Coke machines throughout the park. 

Universal Studios App

Be sure to download the Universal Studios app before heading to the park. You can upload your pass to the app so it’s available on your phone to scan and enter the park more easily and see a map of each park. 

You can also check ride wait times, order food, and more. 


For an extra layer of sun protection, you can wear a hat. However, be sure to hold it in your hands or stash it in the locker while on the rides so you don’t lose it. 


One of my best tips is to bring snacks! Everything is so expensive at Universal Studios including the food. I brought things like granola bars, fruit snacks, and apples in my bag. It was also nice to be able to have a snack while standing in line for a ride. 

Pro Tip: Don’t bring granola bars that have chocolate in them because they will melt. 

Bandaids/ First Aid Kit

Bandaids are something I always try to carry in my bag. You never know when you will need them. They are perfect if your feet get wet and you start to get a blister on your foot. This has happened to me multiple times. Thankfully, it happens a lot less now that I wear my Vessi’s.

Hand Sanitizer

Theme parks are filled with people. There are so many things throughout the park covered in germs that you are bound to touch maybe without even realizing it.

You won’t have a chance to wash your hands every single time you touch something so bringing hand sanitizer will be a lifesaver. Be sure you thoroughly wash your hands before eating anything though.


I hope this post helped you figure out what to wear to Universal Studios Florida including what to pack. There are tons of things that are cute, and functional, and allow you to dress for the occasion!

Now that you know what to wear, I hope you make the best memories while exploring Universal Studios. 


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