Tallinn Winter Packing List

Finally, my Tallinn winter packing list is complete! I have traveled to Tallinn the past two winters and if you have been following me for a while, you probably know that it has become one of my favorite cities. The adorable houses, cobblestone streets, and inviting atmosphere make you feel like you are in a fairytale.  

Winter view in Tallinn of the Christmas market

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What to Consider When Packing for an Estonian Winter

Consider the Weather

This question may feel silly. You know you are going in the winter it’s going to be cold. What I mean is, yes, it will be cold but look up just how cold. 

Check the dates you are visiting and what the average temperature is during those times. For example, the average winter temperature in Tallinn is around 25 degrees Fahrenheit. But that can vary depending on if you are traveling towards the beginning or end of winter.

A quick google search can be very beneficial. You can also search if it will snow or rain during your trip, affecting what you should pack.


What activities do you have planned?

Having an itinerary or at least an idea of what you are going to do on your trip to Tallinn will help you decide what to wear. When I travel anywhere I love walking as much as I can and during the Winter in Tallinn that’s no different.

I walked everywhere, no matter how far and honestly I loved it. If you plan on walking or have outdoor activities make sure you are bundled up and have layers. If most of your plans are inside like museums and cafes then you may not need so many layers.


Need ideas for what to do in Tallinn? Read our guide here.


Tips When Packing for an Estonian Winter

Wear your heaviest items on the flight.

Yes, that means wear some layers and your big coat onto the plane. You can carry it onto the plane too if it’s too hot to wear it. It can always be stored in the overhead bin or in your lap. It gets cold on the airplane anyways so it’s nice as an extra blanket.

Bring only one pair of shoes.

I know for some people this isn’t feasible and that’s ok. It’s just a suggestion. When it’s cold and snowy I only wear my snow boots anyways so when I’m traveling that’s no different. It saves space in my luggage too so that’s a plus.

Now if you have specific photos in mind with different shoes or maybe you have a pool in the hotel and need flip-flops to walk down in, I get it. This is not the rule just a suggestion. But make sure you wear the bulkiest shoes on the plane to save room.

Here are some of the most comfortable and stylish travel shoes.

Compression Bags are a lifesaver.

If you are running out of room compression bags are a great solution. I have this set that you roll and the air comes out instead of having to use a blow dryer or vacuum. They are super easy and make life easier.


What to Pack for Winter in Tallinn

Even though I need to pack layers I still try to limit the number of clothes I pack. I am part of the carry-on crew and never check baggage unless I’m forced to. 

This packing list is specifically for winter in Tallinn but can apply to European countries that have harsh winters. If you are looking to pack light for Europe but not specifically in the winter check out our post here.



Winter Coat

My favorite coat is an Arctic Expedition brand. It kept me warm while walking all over Tallinn even in the snow. I can’t find my exact coat anymore but here are a few others that have great reviews.


Fleece Leggings

My favorite pants to wear are leggings because they can be dressed up or dressed down. They are also super comfortable especially if you plan on walking a lot.



You will definitely want to pack thermals to wear underneath your clothing. If you plan on wearing jeans you will definitely want thermals under them.


Winter Boots

I only bring one pair of shoes while traveling to Estonia in the winter. Even if you bring more than one pair of shoes make sure you bring a pair of winter boots.

Make sure the books are warm and slip-resistant. The streets can become slippery or icy from the snow so you need to make sure that you have the right shoes to prevent falls.


Warm Socks 

Warm socks are a must. Wool or fleece-lined hiking socks are the best options to keep your feet warm.



These are a great winter staple when traveling. They keep you warm and can be dressed up for a nice dinner or dressed down for a day of shopping. I have a barefoot dreams sweater that is incredibly warm but they are definitely pricey if they aren’t on sale.

You can find tons of different sweaters on amazon that are warm as well.



Keeping your head and ears warm is so important during the winter. I normally pack two hats to switch up and match different outfits



Make sure you pack a pair of gloves to keep your hands from getting too cold while using your phone or taking photos. Touchscreen gloves are the best for these situations.




I try not to bring too much jewelry with me when I travel because I don’t want to lose any of it. I try to only bring one or two pieces to switch out.

If I do bring extra pieces I use this jewelry organizer. It can hold a ton of different pieces and keeps necklaces from getting all tangled up.



Scarves are a great way to change your outfit. They can be layered and add a pop of color to your outfits. There is even a scarf with a “secret” pocket in which you can put your money and passport for safekeeping.

Scarves also make a great prop for photos to create movement. Here are the best Tallinn Instagram spots to capture those beautiful moments.



Not just for fashion, sunglasses also protect your eyes. Even if you are traveling to a winter destination sunglasses are a must. If the sun is out, the reflection from the sun on the snow can hurt your eyes. 

Make sure you get a polarized pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes.


Purse/Day bag

Be sure to bring a small day bag or purse with you. I always use a backpack as my personal item for the plane so that I don’t have to bring an extra bag. This anti-theft backpack is literally a lifesaver. The opening is in the back to prevent theft while in crowded areas.




Some hotels have shampoo and conditioner available for you. If you have specific hair products that you use then of course you need to bring your own. 

Don’t forget the liquids rule if you are packing this in a carry-on. These bottles are a huge help when packing.


Body Wash

Again, some hotels will provide this but if you only use a specific kind you’ll need to pack your own.


Hairbrush/ Hair Tools

Hair tools can take up a lot of space if you let them. Try to just pack the essentials. Normally I just curl my hair with my straightener which saves me some space.

They do have specific travel-sized hair tools if that’s an option for you, but I didn’t want to spend extra money.



Travel-sized toothpaste is the way to go to save space. You can put your toothbrush into a ziplock bag, buy covers for your toothbrush, or get a travel one that folds into itself. I actually have a travel toothbrush that has a cover that I keep with all my other travel stuff so it’s easier to pack.




Feminine Products


Makeup is not something I wear a lot, even in my normal everyday life. If your make-up routine is more complex than mine there are tons of ways to organize it and keep it from getting everywhere. This bag is super convenient and stores the brushes too.




Probably the one thing you won’t forget to bring with you. 



Be sure to protect your camera and gear from getting damaged. To see all my favorite photography gear read here.



I always bring my kindle instead of a book because it saves space and I don’t have to worry about damaging my book. 





Super important to ensure you can relax, listen to music, or watch movies on the flight. If you have Bluetooth headphones you won’t be able to pair them with the screen on the plane. They normally give you headphones on the plane for this purpose. You can also purchase a headphone jack for the plane that allows you to use Bluetooth headphones.

I have these Ailun Bluetooth headphones and I love them. They are noise-canceling and really cheap compared to Apple AirPods.


Portable Charger

You never want to be somewhere new and have your phone die. Be sure to have a portable charger in your bag.


All corresponding chargers

I recently found this cord that has all three of the attachments I use while traveling and it’s great. The only issue I had was needed two so that I could charge more than one thing at a time. But it saved me so much space on my carry-on so I didn’t have to bring every charging cord I needed.

If you do need more cords you can keep them organized with this electronics organizer.


Travel Adapter

Definitely, something you don’t want to forget if you’re headed to a country that uses different outlets than your home country. This is our favorite.


Extra Things to Remember


Any and all documents that you need 

  • Passport/ Visa
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Attraction tickets if you don’t have digital copies

I keep my passport, documents, and money organized in this traveler’s wallet.



This vitamin/pill organizer is my absolute favorite.


Reusable Water Bottle

Have to make sure you stay hydrated while traveling. In addition to a water bottle, I like to bring Liquid I.V. with me as well. Liquid I.V. is a hydration multiplier. And let me tell you after a night of drinking these are the only things that help me. 

You can get liquid I.V. on Amazon BUT I have a code for you guys and it actually makes it cheaper for you! You can get your liquid I.V. here. They also have an immune support one that I like to bring with me as well.


Hand Warmers

This isn’t a must but may come in handy if your hands are prone to getting really cold. There are tons of options for hand warmers. They have rechargeable ones available that are really great and even double as a phone charger.


Now you are ready and know what to Pack for a Tallin winter. Have you been to Tallinn in the winter? Comment and let me know.

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