Tallinn Instagram Spots with Map!

Tallinn is such a beautiful city and has become one of my favorite places to visit especially during Christmas. The architecture, decorations, and cute colorful houses make it a picture-perfect town. Here are some of my favorite Tallinn Instagram Spots with a map at the end of this post!

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Tips to get your Insta-worthy photos

Here are some of my tips to get the best photos for your Instagram feed. Everyone loves a beautifully curated feed but lately letting your unique style shine through is the best way to go. Don’t stress too much about making things perfect.


Create an idea folder

I start by creating an inspiration folder on Instagram and/or Pinterest with photos I see while researching. I get tons of ideas for outfits, photo spots, and even poses! Don’t exactly copy someone’s photo though. If you do decide to take a lot of inspo from someone’s photo it’s once to give them credit.


Go early

If you want to get photos at places where you know there are crowds try going early. I have gotten a lot of great shots by going early in the morning before other people arrive.



Angles will be your best friend. If you are in a crowded place and don’t have time to wait until it’s less crowded try out a few different angles to get as few people in the photo as you can.


Use props

Props like scarves, hats or even a beverage can take your photo to the next level and even make it less awkward if you aren’t as used to being in front of the camera.

Not sure what else to pack for Tallinn? Here’s our Tallinn winter packing list.


Be yourself

If you do anything, just have fun and be yourself. Sometimes taking photos can feel awkward but just try and have fun with it. 


Having the Right Gear

To get your best photos in these Instagrammable places in Tallinn you make sure you have the right gear.


Camera or Phone

Phone cameras these days are amazing so I normally use my phone for almost all of my photos. You can use whatever you are most comfortable with. 



If you are shooting by yourself you definitely need a tripod. This is my favorite tripod here

Set up your shot with the tripod and set a timer or use a Bluetooth remote to continuously take photos while in front of the camera.




I recently got this phone gimbal from DJI and it makes filming videos so easy and the results are so smooth. The gimbal is also extendable to be used as a selfie stick or film higher and comes with a piece to turn it into a tripod. It’s not very tall though so I will continue to bring my other tripod along as well. It has definitely become one of my favorite pieces of gear.


See the rest of my favorite gear here.


Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

This Catedral is breathtaking. Located on Toompea Hill, this beautiful cathedral was built by Tsar Alexander III in 1900. When Estonia was part of the Russian empire the cathedral was dedicated to Prince Alexander Nevsky.



Patkuli viewing platform

The view from the Patkuli platform is definitely Instagram-worthy. From the top of the platform, you can see the old town wall and some of the towers, and St.Olaf’s.



Tallinn Doors

Tallinn is famous for its doors. There are so many different colored and beautifully crafted doors. You can find them just by walking and exploring the city. Here are a few of my favorites on a google map.

These are not added to the map because there are a ton you can find just by walking around the city.


Christmas Market

The top Tallinn Instagram spot in my opinion is the Christmas Market. Every part of the Christmas Market is Instagram-worthy. The Tallinn Christmas Market is located in Old Town Hall.

My favorite photos to get are in front of the Christmas tree and the stalls.

Grab a Glogi or hot chocolate and pose in front of the tree.


Old Town Buildings

All of the buildings and houses in Tallinn are colorful and make great backdrops for your photos. My favorite buildings are in the town hall or within walking distance.


Old Town Hall buildings in Estonia


Tower Walkways 

There are quite a few Old town walkways you can climb and explore. Hellemann tower is my favorite and has the longest part of the walkway open to the public.

If you purchase the Tallinn card you can get free entry into a few of the towers and walkways. Read more about the  Tallinn card here.


View of Tallinn from Hellman Tower



Fat Margarets

Fat Margarets was a defense tower in Tallinn that was a large part of the city’s fortification. It is now home to the maritime museum. It is also listed on the Unesco world heritage list.


Viru Gate

Viru Gate was a part of the city wall’s defense system. As the entrances of the Old town were widened, several of the gates were demolished leaving the Viru gate to be turned into a horse-drawn tram route that connected the old market with Kadriorg.


Port of Tallinn

So many cruise ships and ferries are docked at the Port of Tallinn and make for gorgeous photos especially when it’s snowing out!

If you want to take a day trip to Helsinki you can take one of the ferries (they are more like cruise ships) from Tallinn. There are tons of photo opportunities on these ships as well.

Check out our Helsinki guide here.

St. Catherines Passage

One of my favorite photo spots is St. Catherine’s passage. The alley next to St. Catherine’s church, where it got its name, displays tombstones that belong to the magistrate of Tallinn, the great guild, and others.

The passageway is absolutely gorgeous when it snows and its gothic feel makes an awesome background for photos.


St. Catherine's Passage a great tallinn photo spot


Ready to plan your trip to Estonia?  Read our guide here.


Here is the Google map. I will add places when I find new spots I love!


Now that you have all the tips and the best spots you are ready to get your Tallinn Instagram photos! Do you have any Tallinn Instagram spots that you’ve found? Let me know in the comments.

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