29 of the Best Gifts for Moms Who Travel

I wouldn’t say my mom is necessarily difficult to shop for. She likes what she likes and doesn’t ever ask for much. But because of this we always end up getting her the same gifts. It can get a little boring always getting her the same stuff. Now that my mom has gotten into traveling more I have plenty of other ideas for what to get her. Here are 29 of the Best Gifts for Moms who Travel.


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Gifts for Moms Who Travel- Essentials

Moms have a lot to remember. Make sure she has all the essentials for her travels.

Pill Organizer  

This pill organizer is great. It’s compact and each day is removable so you don’t have to carry the whole thing around if you don’t have the space. Lightweight and airtight so it protects from moisture.


Travel Wallet  

I love this wallet so much it has become my everyday wallet. It has a spot to hold your passport and plenty of space for your travel credit cards. 



Travel-Size Skincare 

Caring for your skin is super important, especially with the stress of traveling. Airplanes and different types of weather can mess with your skin. Get mom’s favorite skincare in travel size or you can get travel-sized bottles for her to put her own skincare into.



Travel Purse 

I love a great travel bag. This purse isn’t just cute, it’s slash-proof, RFID blocking, and anti-theft. The zippers have small clips on the end so that it hooks to the purse and cannot be opened without unclipping them.



Travel Mug 

Simple Modern is the best cup brand. This specific cup has a straw lid and a flip-top lid so it can be used for hot coffee or iced coffee/water. They are stainless steel so it stays hot or cold for a really long time.



Electronic Organizer 

The best way to keep all your cords and electronics organized is this organizer bag. It has slots for all the charging cords, memory cards, and even an iPad or kindle.



Packing Cubes 

Packing cubes changed my life. It helps to keep your clothes organized and also saves space. These ones are great because they are compression packing cubes so they save even more space in your luggage.



Jewelry Organizer 

If your mom is someone who wears a lot of jewelry she will love this jewelry organizer. There’s a place for necklaces so they don’t get tangled while in transit, earring holders, and a detachable pouch to make it even more compact.



Liquid I.V. 

Liquid I.V. is a hydration multiplier. You mix one packet into a bottle of water and it’s like drinking 3 bottles! This is perfect to stay hydrated during a flight or even after a long night out. 

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Gifts for Moms Who Travel- Comfort

Everyone deserves to be comfortable while traveling, especially mom. These gifts will help take her comfort to the next level.


Foot Rest 

This is one of the best things ever invented for long-haul flights. It’s a footrest that hangs on the back of the airplane tray table. It relieves lower back pain and knee pain when on a long-haul flight.



Scarf with Hidden Pocket 

Stylish and useful, this scarf has a hidden pocket for your money and passport. This is the perfect outfit accessory when traveling.



Travel Pillow 

Moms always need to catch up on sleep. What better place than on the plane. There are so many travel pillow options out there. My very favorite is not a pillow at all actually.

It’s called the dream strap. It is an eye mask band that velcros to a strap that you put around the headrest on the seat. This strap holds your head upright so you can sleep without your head falling or your neck hurting from being in a strange position. 


Packable Rain Jacket 

For rainy days or cool nights, this packable rain jacket is the perfect gift. I normally wear my jackets on the plane but this one can easily be packed. It’s also great for packing up into your purse or day bag so you don’t have to carry it around all day.




For moms who love to read a Kindle makes the perfect gift. Books can be heavy and take up too much space. Having a kindle you can download all the books you would like on the Kindle before you leave so you won’t run out of books to read. 



Travel Shoes

Comfortable Shoes are some of the most important things to have when traveling. Since there is a lot of walking you need a shoe that has support, is quality made, and it wouldn’t hurt for it to be weatherproof too.

Vessi is a great travel shoe. They have walking shoes, ankle boots, and sneakers. They are super comfortable and are waterproof.


Gifts for Moms Who Travel- Personalized

Who doesn’t love a personalized gift? Here are some great gifts that can be personalized for any type of mom.


Personalized Luggage Tag 

Luggage tags aren’t just cute, they can also help you identify your luggage. When everyone has a black suitcase coming out of the luggage carousel it’s nice being able to spot your luggage tag. 

You can find a ton of cute personalized luggage tags on Etsy but here is a cute one I found on Amazon! 



Personalized Camera Strap

For the moms who love taking photos a personalized camera strap is a great gift option. Again, Etsy is a great place to look for these or you can check out this one on amazon.



Travel Themed Jewelry

What mom doesn’t like jewelry? What about travel-themed jewelry? 



Scratch Off Travel Map 

These maps are so freaking cool. You can get a world map and track every place you go by scratching them off. The map makes a great conversation starter and a reminder of all your travels. 



Travel Memory Box

Making a memory box of a trip you took with your mom would be personal and something she would always treasure. You can use photos, entry ticket stubs from museums or attractions, boarding passes, and even foreign currency.



Gifts for Moms Who Travel- Kids

Traveling is hard enough. Traveling with kids is even harder. These gifts will help take some of the stress out of it.


Hip Seat Carrier 

This is such a helpful gadget. It is a baby seat that straps around your waist and takes some of the stress off of your arm and hip while holding your baby. 

It even has a pocket for your phone, passport, or anything you need quick access to. 



Inflatable Booster Seat

An inflatable booster seat is great for traveling. It can help with the headache of carrying around a full-size booster sear. This one is lightweight and can be folded to save space.

The booster seat can be used in a rental car, on the plane, or even at restaurants if needed.



Baby Carrier

If mom needs to be more hands-free a baby carrier can be a great gift. There are some that are just fabric and will save space in luggage or you can get a more durable carrier like this one. 



Car Seat Backpack

Want to bring your own car seat when you travel. No problem. Just be sure to have this backpack bag to make bringing it with you easier. It’s tear-resistant, water-resistant, and folds down for easy packing when not being used.



Stroller Protector Bag 

Just like the car seat bag, this helps protect your stroller while traveling. It’s water-resistant, tear-proof, and keeps the stroller from getting dirty while traveling.



Gifts for Moms Who Travel- Miscellaneous

Haven’t found the right idea yet? Here are some other great gift ideas for moms who travel.


Wine Wings

For the wine-loving mom, Wine Wings make a great gift. This is the best way to protect any bottles of wine brought back from your travels.

The bubble wrap packaging helps protect it from breaking in your luggage and there is a double zipper seal and velcro to protect from any leakage just in case your luggage isn’t treated with care.



Airplane Pocket Tray Table Cover 

Airplane Pockets are a tray table cover that also has an organizer attached. By covering the tray table it protects from germs that were left on the tray from the flight before. The organizer has pockets to keep all the stuff you need in reach.



Travel Magazine Subscription

There are tons of travel magazines that can help give mom ideas for her next vacation or keep her inspired until the next one. Some of the best travel magazines are Travel and Leisure, National Geographic, and Fodor’s Travel.




Experience– Plan a Trip with your Mom!

Instead of buying a gift for your mom why not take her on a trip! Moms love anything you get them no matter how big or small. But most moms love spending time with their kids. 

A mother-daughter trip would make the perfect gift for any mom. Not sure where to go? Read our top picks for Mother-Daughter Trip Ideas.


What gifts have you bought for the traveling mom in your life? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear more ideas.

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