Crapolla Cove: Hiking in Massa Lubrense, Italy. (Updated 2020)

If you are looking for a challenging hike with breathtaking views Crapolla Cove is for you. This makes a great day trip so be sure to bring water, snacks, sunscreen, and wear your bathing suit so you can relax on the beach before making the trip back.


Drone Shot of the Cove.

How to Get to Crapolla Cove

Crapolla Cove or Fjord di Crapolla is easily accessible by foot, car, or even bus. The entrance is located in the town of Torca, 107 Via Torricella, Massa Lubrense, Italy. You will see a sign with a map that shows you the path toward Crapolla. First, you follow the street, past houses, and orchards, to a dirt trail. The trail then leads you to a steep, rocky pathway. Running or hiking shoes are definitely recommended for this trip.


Climbing down the 700 steps

The Hike to Crapolla Cove

The hike starts by climbing down that rocky pathway to a trail, where you are overwhelmed with beautiful wildflowers, plants, and trees. The trail then opens up to 700 stone steps down to the cove. Every 50 steps are marked by hand-painted ceramic tiles so you can see how far you have gone. I used these tiles as motivation on the way back up.

The view walking down is absolutely breathtaking. There is something about being that high on the side of the cliff, looking over the coast, breathing in the sea air that is so freeing. We stopped more times than I can count to take pictures.

You can see the open blue waters, a few islands, and one of the many towers that are spread across the coast of southern Italy. These towers were used to alert people against pirates invading. At the final part of the path sits Saint Peters Church, which was built in 1700. The church belonged to an abbey, which hosted 30 Benedictine Monks, who eventually abandoned it due to threats of piracy.


Abandoned Village


The Beach Views at Crapolla

After the Church, there is a small path leading to the cove. Crapolla is a small, ancient fishermen village that was used to trade, stock food, and collect water many years ago. The cove is still used today by fishermen to repair their boats. It then opens up to a small, peaceful, pebble beach, abundant with sea glass. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy some sun before making the trek back up.


The hike back up is even more breathtaking (but that’s mostly because you are literally losing your breath). Believe me, the trip back up is not easy, but it is so worth it. From nature, history, and beauty, Crapolla Cove is a must-see if you’re in Massa Lubrense.


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Drone shot of Crapolla Cove Drone shot of Crapolla Cove

Hiking down the 700 steps to a secret cove in italy


Why you should hike Crapolla Cove


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