25 of the Best Travel Packing Hacks and Ideas

Are you worried that you’ll overpack and still forget something on your next trip? Trust me, I know that feeling. To help you out, I’ve put together 25 of the best travel packing hacks to make your job easier, more efficient, and save you time when planning your next trip.


Packing a suitcase

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Travel Packing Hacks

If you are getting ready to pack for your next adventure, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure your luggage is light, while ensuring you still have everything you need.


1. Make a list.

The best thing to do, before you start packing, is to make a list of items you think that you need to pack.

Not only will you be able to narrow down the list once you can see it, but this also keeps you from forgetting the important items. You can make an overall list of everything, or you can break it down into days, items, or outfits.


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2. Check the forecast.

You never want to pack for warm weather when it’s going to be cold, right? Do not assume that you know what the weather will be like on your vacation. You always want to check the forecast for the location of your trip, during the days of your trip. 

Even if you are an early packer, I recommend checking the weather a day or two before you leave as well. You may find that it is going to rain and you weren’t planning on packing your raincoat!


3. Wear your heaviest items.

This may sound silly, but wear your heavy shoes, jackets, and jewelry instead of packing them. By doing this, you’ll have more room to pack other items, and you also won’t have to worry about your luggage being overweight.


4. Roll your clothing.

Instead of folding your clothes, roll them into little cylinders. This simple packing hack has proved to give you more luggage space, while also allowing you to have more of a view of what you packed.


Packing Hacks


5. Packing cubes for each outfit.

If you pack by outfits, try using packing cubes like this to help save your space. Since they are square, they also help keep everything organized during your travels.


6. Use space bags.

Although space bags are usually seen when storing household items and clothes, they can actually come in handy when packing as well. 

My Favorite way to use space bags is if we are going somewhere cold and I can put my bulky items inside and then get all the air out and they become significantly smaller! Here are the space bags that we love.


7. Utilize the space in your shoes.

Optimize all the space that you can. So, put your smaller items in places like your shoes. Since your undergarments can normally fold up pretty small, they are some of the easiest things to stick in your shoes.

If you don’t like the idea of putting your personal clothing in shoes, you can put them in a Ziploc bag beforehand.


8. Add your shower cap over your shoes.

Adding a shower cap over your shoes will protect your shoes and clothes, while still using your luggage space to the best of your ability.


Suitcase and shoes


9. Have binder clips for your headphones.

There’s not much worse than grabbing your headphones and realizing that they are in a knotted mess. To avoid this, use a binder clip like this to keep your headphones secure and neat.

If you have a lot of cords and electronics you may like these organizers better!


10. Use plastic wrap under bottle caps to prevent any spilling. 

You definitely do not want to unpack your toiletries to find spilled soaps and creams. When you are packing these items, add a little bit of plastic wrap between the bottle and bottle cap to prevent spillage.

This trick has been one of my favorite hacks. I remember the first time we traveled and my body wash cap opened and exploded all over our suitcase… That was a fun time.


11. Carry a reusable water bottle.

Save the environment, your time, and your luggage space by carrying a reusable water bottle like this.

If you have a reusable water bottle when traveling, you will not have to worry about buying drinks or carrying extra drinks and trash.


Reusable Water Bottle


12. Find out if you will be able to wash clothes during your trip.

If you have the ability to wash clothes on your trip, you don’t need to pack as much as you may think. You can pack a couple of outfits that you can mix and match after washing. You also don’t have to pack as many undergarments.

But, if you are not able to wash clothes, you will know that you need to have enough clothes to comfortably swap through.

You can also wash your clothes in the sink with this travel laundry soap.


13. Pack by outfits.

An easy way to pack is by picking out each outfit. That way, you already know you have matching clothes and you can pack them accordingly.

If you are bringing packing cubes you can pack by outfits in the packing cubes. This will help keep you more organized as well.


14. Use your eyeglass case for extra storage.

If you wear eyeglasses or sunglasses, optimize your use for their case. You can add headphones or jewelry into the case to keep your items safe.


15. Use small travel bottles for soaps, shampoo, and cleansers.

Instead of bringing all of the items in your bathroom, carry travel sizes of your toiletries. If you don’t want to buy new travel items, you can get small travel bottles like this and add your own soaps to them.


Make sure you check the liquid sizes that you can bring if you are flying. 


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travel essentials flatlay


16. Have a laundry bag to put your dirty clothes in while traveling.

Having a laundry bag for your dirty clothes will help make the process of packing to return from your trip a lot easier.

It will also help you when unpacking. Instead of having to sort through your luggage, you’ll quickly be able to know what needs to be washed and what doesn’t.


17. Have a tag on your bag.

Even though you may not think you need to tag your bag, it can save you a lot of stress when getting off a plane, bus, or even leaving the hotel. A tag like this won’t add any weight to your luggage but will help you claim it.


18. Know what your travel activities include, then prepare realistically and accordingly.

If you have different activities planned for your trip, you definitely want to make sure you are prepared. Look into what you’ll be doing by checking social media accounts, websites, and even calling trip advisors to see what you will need or how you should dress.


19. Use straws to pack necklaces and bracelets.

To keep your jewelry from getting tangled, slide the chain through a straw and attach the piece at the end. You can do this for most necklaces and bracelets. If you straw is too tall or short, you can cut it or add more at any point.


20. Add a cotton pad to your powders.

Since traveling can sometimes take a toll on our luggage, you want to protect your items as best as you can. One way to do this is by sticking a cotton pad like this in any compartments that hold powders, like makeup.


Makeup powders


21. Plan room for some travel finds.

Always keep in mind that you will probably come back with a little more than you are leaving with. So, try not to pack your luggage to the brim before your trip. If you have a little space, you will be able to easily pack anything you may find to bring back for friends, family, or even yourself.


22. Bring only 1-2 pairs of shoes.

If you are trying to avoid overpacking, do not pack a pair of shoes for each outfit, or even each day, of your trip.

On the day of your travels, wear a pair of shoes that you can match with multiple outfits. Then, pack 1-2 additional pairs depending on how long you will be staying. I prefer to wear my comfort shoes while I travel and pack one extra set of cute shoes.

Having a hard time picking what shoes to pack? Check out the most comfortable shoes for travel here.


23. Line shirt collars with a belt.

When packing for a business trip (or even just to have a nice dinner outfit), add your belt to the collar of your shirt(s). 

Not only will this keep your shirt nice, it ensures you don’t forget a belt.


24. Add an extra change of clothes in your carry-on bag or personal item.

A great way to have an extra outfit is to back one in your carry-on bag or with your personal item.

(Plus, it’s always nice to have a change of clothes when you get off a flight.)


25. Do not pack things that you will have easy access to on your trip.

If you can easily ask for or buy the item on your trip, you really don’t need to pack it.

For instance, most hotels have soaps, lotions, shampoos, and conditioners. So, if you want to save some room, forgo packing these items if you are staying in a hotel. But, this is obviously a personal choice.



Why do I need to pack light when traveling?

When traveling, you don’t want to lug around heavy items all the time. Also, airlines often limit the weight of your luggage, before giving you a hefty charge or not allowing you to board.

If you pack light from the start, you won’t have to worry about either of these issues.

Overall, keeping a light luggage by using these travel packing hacks can give you a much easier, happier, and more affordable experience when traveling.


Final Thoughts on Travel Packing Hacks

Packing for your next trip doesn’t have to be hard or exhausting. 

You can pack everything you need while still staying underweight, maximizing your luggage space, and even keeping your items safe.

I hope these travel packing hacks help you get the most out of your next adventure!



Q: How do I know if my luggage is the right weight?

You can find the luggage requirements on your airline’s website and if you want to check at home you can use your scale or purchase this luggage scale.


Q: What are the essential items I need to pack when traveling?

When traveling, your luggage necessities should include undergarments, toiletries, your wallet and ID. 


Q: Will I still have everything I need if I follow these travel packing hacks?

You can definitely follow these hacks, and still, have everything you need when packing for your next trip, but be sure you make a list and pack everything you will need.


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