14 of the Best Souvenirs from Italy

Traveling to Italy is such a wonderful experience. There are so many beautiful sights to see and fun things to do. It’s normal to want to bring something back to remember your trip or to give to your family and friends who couldn’t be on the trip with you. Here are the best souvenirs from Italy to bring home.


1. Wine

I love a bottle of good Italian wine. When you find a really good wine you definitely want to take advantage of it. Bring a bottle or two home with you to share. To keep them from breaking in your luggage on the way back grab some of these wine bags!


Italy Souvenirs



2. Limoncello

If you are traveling to Capri or the Amalfi Coast you will find Limoncello in almost every shop. It is an Italian lemon liqueur that is primarily made in southern Italy. It tastes delicious and they have the cutest souvenir bottles!

I wrapped mine in paper bags, put them inside my socks, and then put them in my shoes to make sure they didn’t break on the way home.


3. Olive Oil

The olive oil we have access to in America doesn’t compare to the liquid gold olive oil you can get in Italy. It is absolutely worth getting some and bringing it home.


4. Dry Pasta

Even the dried pasta is better in Italy. You can grab some from the local grocery store for fairly cheap. You won’t believe how much better it is compared to the pasta sold in American stores.


best souvenirs from italy


5. Dried Meats

Bringing home pepperoni or salami is a great souvenir from Italy.

Keep in mind, you are not allowed to bring dried ham products into the U.S. from another country. Be sure to check the guidelines on the foods you can and can not bring back here.


6. Leather

Italy is known for its leather. You can find leather all throughout Italy in department stores, shops, and even markets. From boots and jackets to handbags, it’s always high quality. Be sure you take good care of it once your home.


7. Shoes

Did you know you can get custom made sandals in a small shop in Capri? Isn’t that so cool! You can check out their Instagram page here. They started selling their shoes online as well, so if you don’t make it to Capri you can still get an incredible pair of shoes.


8. Name Brands

If you are into fashion then these types of souvenirs are for you. Tiffany, Michael Kors, and Louis Vuitton are just some of the big-name brands you can find cheaper in Italy.


9. Anything with a Made in Italy tag

If you aren’t into name brands you can find some amazing high-quality Italian clothes, bags, and other products that are less expensive than the name brands. They are just as nice, if not better, than the other brands for a smaller price tag.


italian souvenirs


10. Italian Jewelry

In Florence, you will find some stunning pieces of jewelry. Florence goldsmiths have been selling their creation in Ponte Vecchio Bridge for over 400 years. You can also find beautiful jewelry in other cities around Italy like Milan, Sardinia, and Venice.


11. Murano Glass

If you haven’t visited Murano you need to. They have stunning blown glass everything. From jewelry to wine glasses, if it can be made from blown glass you will find it. I brought home some blown glass bracelets when we went and they are gorgeous.

Every single item is handmade so each piece is unique. Just be sure if you buy something big you pack it carefully or have them ship it home for you.


12. Hand Painted Ceramics

You can find gorgeous hand-painted plates, bowls, and glasses all over Italy in different shops. They are especially prominent in Capri, Florence, and Sicily.


13. Postcards

One of my favorite things to bring back! I LOVE postcards. They can be brought back easily since they weigh almost nothing. I always pack mine in a folder or in between my computer to avoid them being bent and ruined.


14. Ornaments

This is a tradition Kyle and I started about two years ago. Every time we travel to a new place together we buy a new ornament for our Christmas tree. It’s a great way to bring back all your favorite travel memories.


souvenirs from italy


Traveling to Italy soon? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Italy. What souvenirs have you brought home from Italy?



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  1. Morgan
    September 28, 2020 / 8:26 pm

    I love the idea of collecting ornaments!! I think I need to start this tradition with my next trip

    • hharris11
      September 28, 2020 / 11:02 pm

      It’s my favorite tradition. It brings back all our favorite memories while we’re putting up our tree.

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